For many Cut Copy fans, their first few albums have long been out-of-print on vinyl and they’ve been listed by resellers for up to $300 (one album isn’t even available anywhere that I have found). I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Neil Harris/Punkdaunk and the band for a little over 14 years and we’ve received inquiries at least once a week – for years – about re-pressing these albums. (Just check the comments on any of our social posts!)

So, the band and our team took great pleasure in announcing this limited-edition vinyl box set on Friday, opening it up to pre-orders. Dan, who started Cut/Copy and continues to be its creative nucleus, designed this beautiful set that features a holographic cover and comes with colored vinyl, including 2x EPs that have never been pressed to vinyl (until now), and a 72-page ‘zine enclosed within.

I’ve worked on a few beautiful box sets like Harry Potter’s Wizards Collection, Warner Bros.’ 90th Anniversary Collections, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Blade Runner’s anniversary collection – both of which came with matchbox-esque replica vehicles, and although perhaps biased, I have to say this Cut Copy box set is in my top 5 of all-time truly gorgeous packaging.

Pre-sales are sold out for the time being but I can’t wait for you to see it; It’s out March 18th.

Cut Copy — “Collected Works 2001/2011”

More info here.

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